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Posted by on Mar 3, 2017 in Bodywork Training | 0 comments

Correcting Rotator Cuff Issues And Shoulder Pain Without Surgery

Rotator Cuff surgery is very common, unfortunately, and in many cases unnecessary. I have helped over 95% of clients who were suffering from trauma in this area, to avoid Rotator Cuff surgeries.

Please allow me to relate my own experience first.

Once, I was playing a doubleheader softball game and in the 2nd inning in the first game, with players on first and second base, a ball was hit towards me out in left field. I grabbed the ball and gunned it to home plate. Right away I felt the worst pain in my right shoulder, shooting down to my elbow. I continued to play despite the pain because I did not want to let my team mates down.

The next day I woke up in the worst pain and I could not move my arm. So I went to work hoping Dr. Haller may be able to relieve some of the pain. At the time I was training under Dr. Haller, which was a special blessing on this particular day. When I walked into the office, she immediately noticed me holding my arm up as if it was in a sling and in terrible pain. She asked me what I had done to my arm, and I explained to her what happened and she responded, “Oh I know what you did… come lay down on the table.” She worked around my shoulder for a few minutes and then firmly grasped my arm, moved it back and forth, and then rotated it above my head. With her left fingers on my shoulder, she rolled over my Bicep Tendon and then she firmly pulled on my arm as I let out a yell. At that point the thought going through my mind was, “What in the world is she thinking?”. Then she felt my shoulder and said, Move it now.” So I slowly started to move it and rotate it, and to my surprise the pain was competently gone. I could not believe it. In less than 5 minutes of therapy I had full range of motion and I was pain free. I said to her, “You must teach this to me.” “I will”, she replied.

I believe if I had not gone to Dr. Haller first, conventional doctors would most likely have recommended surgery.

There have been hundreds of people who have come to my office, explaining that their doctor wanted to perform rotator cuff surgery to correct their conditions. In just one therapy, some clients walked out of my office pain-free, as I did with Dr.Haller. Some returned for just one follow-up session, to make sure everything stayed in place, before going back to work. Two visits was sufficient to avoid rotator cuff surgery for some clients.

Most of the people who come in to see me hoping to avoid rotator cuff surgery need more than one or two sessions. Most of them are suffering from much more than just the Bicep Tendon problem, but I would still estimate that 98% of them come in with their Bicep Tendon requiring attention. I put it back into alignment and I work the surrounding muscles, such as the Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor and Major, Subscapularis, Deltoid, Bicep, Pectoralis and sometimes the neck muscles. All of these muscles need to be checked, and if you find they are tight, it is very important to work these muscles and bring them back to balance. It is necessary to pay attention to detail when working these muscles. I found that doing deep tissue work with circle friction, trigger point work, neuromuscular, myofascial release, and raking are the most effective methods.

Finally, always work within your client’s pain tolerance. I use a scale of 1-10, 1 being almost no pain, 10 the worst pain. Work between 5-8 in your client’s pain tolerance scale for the best results.

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