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Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in |

“I Was Never 100% Convinced it Could Fully Heal Me, or Allow Me the Pain Relief I Have Recently Achieved!”

“I have always heard that massage could do wonders for your body and pain. However, I was never 100% convinced it could fully heal me, or allow me the Pain relief I have recently achieved! Brian came heavily recommended to me so I decided to pay him a visit. Once I arrived we sat down and I was made fully aware of the wide range of bodywork and massage he practices. There was a multitude of different techniques we spoke about and eventually used to heal my body and my back pain in particular. I was starting to get so desperate and needed something that could manage or diminish my pain. In the past I had tried multiple other medical options and I was left in a lot of pain and feeling hopeless, so I decided to give him a shot. Brian made me feel very comfortable. He reassured me that if I followed the program hopefully I would be able to achieve the results I was eventually looking for, he told me it wouldn’t happen overnight but we would get there! After my first appointment I could not believe the way I felt already, clearly I still had pain but I felt wonderfully refreshed, a lot less tense, and had LESS PAIN!! The techniques he used to loosen the muscles and remove the knots from my back were heavenly. I am amazed at how he works the knots out each appointment and at the results I feel after my sessions. Like I mentioned, I have been in pain for years, and to get relief even 25% or 50% is huge! What we have achieved I never thought possible. He has helped me live in a manner where my pain is now manageable and that truly is priceless! If you have pain issues you are struggling with, have sore or tight muscles, a major Injury you are trying to rehab, or you just want to maintain a healthy body I highly recommend brian and strongly believe you won’t be Disappointed. Once you’re on the table you too will know you have made a life changing choice. Thanks again for the gift of living!”

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