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Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in |

Fixed my Shoulder Blade and it is as Good as New

“After going to Brian Whitehead for treatments, several things have been fixed for me:

  • Insomnia
  • Digestion
  • Anxiety
  • Light Sleeping
  • Coffee

For years I have had Insomnia and have been a light sleeper; hearing all the animals at night would instantly wake me up. After being hooked up to Brian’s machine for a two hour session, I sleep so soundly, none of the animals bother me through the night. I can drink coffee at 12 midnight and still go to sleep. My insomnia is gone also.

I also have had really bad digestion. I actually stopped eating dinner because I could not sleep with food in my stomach. I went to Brian and had a two hour treatment. I now eat dinner and I can have coffee and it won’t bother me at all. Because I stopped eating dinners, I was gaining weight; my body was in a starvation mode. I lost 62 lbs over two years since eating 3 small meals a day.

I had a stray dog that we took care of for about 1½ yrs. that died after giving birth to two beautiful puppies, when they were two weeks old. I had so much anxiety over losing her, I could not bear it. I went to Brian for another 2 hour visit for anxiety. I left his office feeling so much calmer, I stopped crying, and felt much stronger after this treatment.

I had some ribs that were dislocated; Brian actually came to my house and fixed that. My shoulder blade was also hurt and he hooked me up to a machine, that fixed my shoulder blade and it is as good as new.

I would recommend and always do tell people how much Brian Whitehead has helped me while living in Vilcabamba.”

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