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Microcurrent Therapy

Health Benefits Of MicroCurrent Therapy

I have been performing MicroCurrent Therapy for over 5 years with great success. MicroCurrent stimulates the Mitochondria inside the cells, raises ATP levels up to 500%, promotes growth of new healthy cells and stimulates the immune system. It also promotes synthesis of the DNA, activation of T-Lymphocytes, Insulin Binding, Calcium Channel Opening, and Fibroblastic Activation.

With the Clinic in a Case™ I have been able to help my clients with infections, bacterial and fungal issues, yeast, hepatitis, tumors, cancer, all types of viruses, disease, broken bones… even muscle, ligament and tendon problems. The list goes on and on.IFrame

​Our MicroCurrent Therapy is amazing effective in treating infections, even serious cases such as gangrene. I have personally treated gangrene infections with very satisfying results but unfortunately I did not think to take photographs. I do know of a college who treated a gangrene infection of the foot and ankle with ​our ​MicroCurrent and they did take pictures.

In this particular case, doctors wanted to amputate the foot. Fortunately for the patient, amputation was unnecessary because dramatic healing progress was achieved after 10 sessions with ​our ​MicroCurrent and the leg’s previously purple skin color had almost returned to normal. Here are the photos:

Gangrene Infection Before Treatment Gangrene Infection After Treatment
                         Gangrene Infection Prior To Treatment                                 Gangrene Infection After 10 Treatments

This is just one example of the seemingly miraculous healing results that are possible when the body is provided with the right natural therapy to assist in self healing, instead of resorting to drastic measures such as surgery. Based on my experiences with ​our ​MicroCurrent Therapy I highly recommend it to my clients with confidence.

MicroCurrent Therapy is rapidly growing in popularity as an effective age reversal and rejuvenation treatment that is offered in spas and clinics all over the world. A noticeable improvement in skin tone and elasticity is possible even after a single treatment. A series of treatments is recommended to further enhance results and promote lasting effects.

The MicroCurrent system I use incorporates 3 different settings: “Body Balance”, “Energizer For Wellness”,
and “Auto Sweep”.

    • Body Balance employs MicroCurrent which is mainly used for muscle, ligaments, tendons, wound healing, broken bones etc.
    • Energizer For Wellness employs MicroCurrent and over one million different Rife frequencies. This is great for infections, bacteria, fungal problems, yeast, hepatitis, disease, viruses, etc.
    • Auto Sweep scans the body and uses color therapy frequencies and MicroCurrent as well. This helps fight disease, infections, viruses, etc.

My success rate is over 90% using MicroCurrent Therapy on my family members and clients. I highly recommend the Regena-Lift MicroCurrent System over any other MircoCurrent instrument on the market. Please continue to read this page for more in-depth information about MicroCurrent Therapy. If you have any questions please contact us.

Health and Blessings,

Rev. Brian


MicroCurrent or NanoCurrent Therapy: Basic Information

What is MicroCurrent? Let’s examine the facts: 90% of all Electrotherapy instruments employ “Milli” amperage, not “Micro” amperage. Regular amperage powers lights, TV’s, radios, washing machines, hair dryers, water heaters, etc. These amperages can kill. Now divide 1 amp into 1000 parts, and you get milli-amps. Only 100 milli-amps can cause cardiac fibrillation.

What is the difference between Micro-Current and Milli-Amp therapy to the patient? Milli-amp therapy lowers A.T.P. as much as 50% below normal, and of course this is not desireable. Your body derives benefits from an increase in A.T.P., not a decrease.

MicroCurrent/Nanocurrent Therapy Factoids:

    • A.T.P. = Adenosine Tri-Phosphate
    • A.T.P. is the energy potential within the cell.
    • If A.T.P. levels are low, then you feel low. If levels are high, then you are strong.
    • MicroCurrent can raise levels of A.T.P. by as much as 500% above normal baseline.

What other differences exist between MilliAmp or MicroCurrent treatments? Let’s look at what research tells us about cell membrane transport.In terms of the ability of nutrients to penetrate the cell wall, MilliAmp therapy lowers cell membrane transport as much as 30 – 40% below normal. MicroCurrent therapy can raise cell membrane transport 30 – 40% above normal. Naturally, this is what the body needs.Now let’s examine what research tells us about Protein Synthesis – the body’s ability to make new tissue. MilliAmp therapy lowers the protein synthesis healing factor by as much as 50% below normal rates. Microcurrent therapy raises protein synthesis rates by as much as 73%.You may wish to visit YouTube to view a few of the many information videos on MicroCurrent Therapy.

Our Recommended MicroCurrent Therapy System

The MicroCurrent Therapy System of choice at Healing Academy is the Regena-Lift™ MicroCurrent System. Rev. Brian is a trained operator, skilled teacher, and authorized reseller of this system and he strongly recommends it based on years of hands on experience and terrific results. In addition to treating conditions in the body, MicroCurrent is widely used cosmetically for age reversal and rejuvenation.

This quote from Wikipedia is of interest: “Cosmetic Electrotherapy is a range of beauty treatments that uses low electric currents passed through the skin to produce several therapeutic effects, such as muscle toning in the body, and micro-lifting of the face. It is based on electrotherapy which has been researched and accepted in the field of rehabilitation.”

More information on the Regena-Lift MicroCurrent System follows below.

An Excerpt From The Regena Lift™ Device Instructions

Our Regena Lift™ is an easy to use microcurrent device to help repair and lift your skin. It is a very small, portable, hand held device that we use to drive in the high antioxidants of our rejuvenation products. It also has additional attachments for the entire body. Regena Lift™ is unique in that it uses true microcurrent with healing specific frequencies. All three programs utilize the DC current waves to carry information into the body which modulates from 0 to over 1 million hertz, modulating up and down.

Regena Lift works on True Microcurrent. Our device works so well because it works at the same frequencies that the cells communicate.

Regena Lift™ has 3 easy to use programs. For each program the higher numbers or power of the microcurrent(3-8) are used to tone and tighten the skin and the lower numbers (1-2) are used for actual repair of the skin. The lower numbers or power of Regena Lift™ stimulate your skin cells to produce elastin and collagen. Note that all acupuncture meridians run through the face, so as you treat the face you are also treating the entire body.

The 3 programs are:

1. Body Balance – The Body Balance is used on all clients. At higher numbers (6-8), body balance greatly reduces pain.

2. Energizer for Wellness – Includes a wide variety of Healing Specific Frequencies. The Energizer for Wellness program automatically modulates through the entire sweep of settings dependent on the length of time you set the timer. So, if you set the Energizer timer on 60 minutes the program will slowly move through each setting; whereas if you set the Energizer timer on 15 minutes it will more quickly cycle through each of the frequencies.

3. Auto Sweep – Includes Harmonics like sound therapy and color frequencies, which will raise the vibrational rate of your DNA. It also employs harmonics which will increase protein synthesis by 73%. It also includes 3,000 Rife Frequencies to choose from, making it possible to treat a wide variety of diseases and viruses.

All three programs will increase your ATP (energy) production by up to 500%.

Treatment sessions last 20 – 50 minutes, depending on your setup for treatment. The number of sessions to complete the treatment would be about 20 depending on damage to skin. We recommend that for the first week the client comes in for 5 treatments in a row, and then follow up with one treatment every other day.

Enjoy the benefits of a Newer, Younger You with our Rejuvenating Regena Lift™ MicroCurrent System. Please contact us to book your personal MicroCurrent Therapy session.

To claim ownership of the Regena Lift™ or the Clinic in a Case™ MicroCurrent System for your own natural healing practice and register for MicroCurrent Therapy Training, click the “Buy Now” button below and we will mail the machine to you right away and you will also qualify for the next LIVE MicroTherapy Training:


Rev. Brian Whitehead will be available to help you through the process by phone and email for personal instruction to get started.

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