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“He is absolutely one of the most incredible body workers that I have experienced…” “It feels like I’ve been on a, most heavenly rack in the World… I have not felt this kind of alignment in any other kind of massage session that I’ve done and I’ve worked with some excellent massage therapists…” – Namir Shaheem

“To whom it concerns:

I write enthusiastically to recommend Brian Whitehead as a massage therapist. Brian has been trained in all aspects of massage therapy, and has special expertise in dealing with sports injuries. I am a 57 year-old attorney/writer who is under constant stress and pressure at work. In my spare time I compound the problems work creates for my body, because I am addicted to high-impact competitive sports, particularly basketball, tennis and long-distance running. Consequently, I have had six different surgeries performed on torn and worn-out tendons, as well as four other surgeries to repair broken bones. As a result of these injuries, and because my work requires a lot of travel, I have encountered over the past 20 years many surgeons, physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists all around the world. Indeed, I have received massage therapy from dozens of massage therapists trained in such far-flung places as California, New York, Michigan, Jamaica, the United Kingdom and even Australia — and I can attest without reservation that none of them can even hold a candle to Brian Whitehead. What makes Brian unique among massage therapists is the specialized training he has received, which allows him to identify the root cause of a particular injury or painful area of the body. Many massage therapists have learned good techniques for relaxing sore muscles; but Brian is the only massage therapist I’ve encountered who is smart enough to discover that when I complain of (for example) a sore lower back, the real problem is a hip out of alignment or an over-tight glute muscle, rather than just a sore lower back. Brian Whitehead is also as strong, if not stronger, than any therapist I have ever met — but he never overdoes it, because he is extremely sensitive in reading his clients’ differing pain thresholds and then adjusting the pressure he uses accordingly. For this reason, my wife and I — former high school tennis coaches — have unhesitatingly referred female high school tennis players to Brian, because we know we can rely upon Brian to treat them in a completely appropriate manner. Indeed, I have also recommended Brian to my primary physicians and surgeons, my chiropractor, and my many physical therapists in Michigan. All have told me later that when they sent other patients and clients of theirs to Brian, they uniformly received glowing reports back from their patients/clients. My wife and I even recommended Brian to my extremely frail 95 year-old father-in-law, who was himself a former physician, and he was delighted with the expert and sensitive care he received from Brian Whitehead. In short, Brian Whitehead is the best possible massage therapist for anyone, regardless of age or sex. He is certified in a wide variety of techniques, including the use of hot stones and other relatively new therapies. He is highly knowledgeable about the human body, and very experienced in treatment. Best of all, he is a deeply compassionate person who genuinely cares about the well-being of each of his clients, and he is both sensitive enough and smart enough to adjust his treatment to the specific needs of each client.”


“My experience with Brian, and his vast knowledge of holistic health, tremendously helped me with finding the cause of the many ailments affecting my health. Brian’s wealth of heart and insight is a gift to all. Thank you Brian for your care and support on the road to recovery.”   ~Amy



“I cannot recommend Brian Whitehead enough! He has worked tirelessly on myself and my wife when we have needed it. He utilizes cutting-edge technology of MicroCurrent therapy to accelerate the healing process. Brian is my first choice for massage… he has a true gift of healing hands and clearly understands the correlation between pain symptoms and what is needed to alleviate the discomfort. There are many healers on the earth, and they all have their place, but Brian is one I would check out at the top of the list.”   ~Jack C.



“Brian (Whitehead) was the first massage therapist I had ever been to. I was in a lot of pain from my neck to my lower back, with constant headaches and limited mobility.

I was amazed that after the first month of massage therapy, I was not only beginning to be pain free, but felt like a new person. More importantly, Brian had educated me on not only how the body works, but what I was doing to my body in my daily routines that was causing my discomfort, plus he explained fully what he was doing to release this discomfort. I was able to then apply this knowledge to my daily life, and now with on-going (but not as frequent) massages, I am able to function comfortably in my life. Brian has detailed knowledge of the human skeletal and muscular system, and that knowledge combined with an unbelievable sense of identifying the problem and then relieving the problem, makes the massage therapy experience with Brian Whitehead, a must for anyone seeking treatment. ~Janet F., Ann Arbor, MI


“I have experienced many massage therapists in my long life and Brian stands out as extremely skilled, knowledgeable, devoted and effective. In only one session there was noticeable relief in my neck and arm. I highly recommend this gifted healer.”

~Aviva Gold, facilitator of Painting From the Source


“I had a whiplash auto accident and then another several years later. Brian Whitehead was instrumental in restoring motion and flexibility in my neck and back both times. Brian not only has training and competence in massage and healing, he has a special gift which I could only describe as a God Presence. It is an indescribably delicious experience to be treated by him because he has not only the skills but also an intense aura of love. I would highly recommend him to anyone who values not only massage therapy but also that mysterious something extra.”   ~Ron Newman



“Over the course of my lifetime, I have tried many different modalities for holistic healing, so when I pulled a hamstring (high on my leg) I tried a few different remedies, but none stuck. I then asked Brian for his thoughts. Being an ex-athlete, I knew how hard it was to heal a hamstring pull and so I decided to bear down and accept the fact that I needed something stronger than a regular massage. Brian provided both a knowledge of sports massage and deep tissue which opened up a cascading effect, of not just one thing that had been injured, but the path to how it had become injured to begin with. As he traced the injury backwards, he uncovered multiple tight spots that, when the blockages were released, proved to be the real healing. It was a sore recovery after that, but it healed for good and I am eternally grateful for the experience.”   ~Cynthia O. (USA)



“After a Fractured elbow in two different places and being in a long bent arm cast for 8 weeks, it was no surprise that when the cast was removed the muscles in the elbow area were contracted by scar tissue and I had pain and muscle weakness. I was sent to a physical therapist for strengthening exercises: The problem was, how do you strengthen a muscle that is frozen in the wrong place? My elbow no matter how I worked it with the exercises I was given, would not straighten out. Two weeks of working my arm gave me no increase in the Range of Motion. After speaking with Brian he made it clear that due to the inactivity the scar tissue from the break needed to be worked on to release and stretch the muscles and “then” the arm would straighten out. He started that night with a deep tissue massage in the elbow and forearm area for approximately one hour. I was amazed that after just that one hour, I had FULL Range of motion !!!!!!! I could not believe how much better my arm felt. I am now a true believer that before any physical therapy and or strengthening after an injury, a Massage Therapist is imperative to work out the scar tissues. Makes so much sense that Range of Motion will never increase on a short, stiff muscle. I have had the privilege of using multiple Massage therapists but Brian Whitehead, is by far the most caring and most skilled I have ever used. My family and I miss his care since he has relocated and have not found any other of his caliber. Don’t try the rest when you can have the BEST!!!!!! Thanks Brian!!!”   ~Dawn Ku, RN



“To me Brian has ‘magic hands’. First time he worked on my knee I started feeling and seeing results. After the 3rd treatment, the swelling was gone and the pain too! This was over a year ago and I am still fine! Our group, Sacred Nature Journey, will be in Vilcabamba in August 2012, hope to see him again. I need readjustment!”   ~Maria de Lourdes



“After going to Brian Whitehead for treatments, several things have been fixed for me:

Insomnia Digestion Anxiety Light Sleeping Coffee For years I have had Insomnia and have been a light sleeper; hearing all the animals at night would instantly wake me up. After being hooked up to Brian’s machine for a two hour session, I sleep so soundly, none of the animals bother me through the night. I can drink coffee at 12 midnight and still go to sleep. My insomnia is gone also. I also have had really bad digestion. I actually stopped eating dinner because I could not sleep with food in my stomach. I went to Brian and had a two hour treatment. I now eat dinner and I can have coffee and it won’t bother me at all. Because I stopped eating dinners, I was gaining weight; my body was in a starvation mode. I lost 62 lbs over two years since eating 3 small meals a day. I had a stray dog that we took care of for about 1½ yrs. that died after giving birth to two beautiful puppies, when they were two weeks old. I had so much anxiety over losing her, I could not bear it. I went to Brian for another 2 hour visit for anxiety. I left his office feeling so much calmer, I stopped crying, and felt much stronger after this treatment. I had some ribs that were dislocated; Brian actually came to my house and fixed that. My shoulder blade was also hurt and he hooked me up to a machine, that fixed my shoulder blade and it is as good as new. I would recommend and always do tell people how much Brian Whitehead has helped me while living in Vilcabamba.”   ~ Reenie


“Hello Brian:

Hope this finds you well and enjoying your new environment. Holly gave me your email address so I could update you on things over here. It is hard to believe that I have owned the microcurrent machine for two years. It has been very beneficial during this time. It has allowed me to get over a few running injuries that could have been in longer duration. I had an SI Joint issue in the the spring of 2008, that from digging in my parents’ garden. The running made it worse. I did take 4 weeks off but with ice, daily MicroCurrent and lots of stretching, and I got over it. I read on some running threads that an SI Joint injury sidelined some runners for a year or two. Last spring it was the sacrum. It is about 85% better now, but doesn’t require daily microcurrent. I got over a hamstring issue last fall in just three days with rest, MicroCurrent and massage. The machine is holding up well. The rounded prongs are showing a little more copper. Overall, no reduction in the machine’s operational abilities. I hope to have many more years of use with it.”   ~ Ken


“I had lost 80-90% use of my arm, I was in pain all the time, and it was so bad that I was not using the arm much. Brian pushed a muscle back in place and gave me 4-6 times massage. Now my arm is almost 100% cured. The QXCI machine is quite good at pointing out areas in the body that need attention. It provides a subtle but noticeable treatment. Overall I highly recommend Brian’s service.”   ~ Joel



“To whom it may concern:

I am pleased to take this opportunity to provide a testimonial in regard to the professional services offered by Brian Whitehead. It has been my personal experience as well as my professional observation that Brian is a highly skilled practitioner who cares deeply for the wellbeing of all others and especially for his clients. For those who are serious about the restoration or maintenance of their body, Brian is a competent therapist dedicated to supporting them on their journey and to “holding space” for the highest potential outcome. Many thanks to Brian for the support he has provided me in the past and sincere well wishes to all those on the path of healing. Blessings of peace and vibrant health,” ~J. Schumacher, CHt


“This letter is to recommend favorable consideration of the use of Brian Whitehead’s effective skills.

I am a disabled Registered Nurse with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.  I have had my own pain clinic for several years. Having 4 herniated and 3 bulged discs since 2001, I have much experience with other therapists and doctors.  I have been to several therapists and doctors in Vilcabama that were not able to help.  After being helped by Brian, I can say without exaggeration, that my back is the best that it has been since my injury. I am impressed with Brian’s expertise and mix of skills, which are unique.” ~Michael T. Marsh  BSN, RN, WOCN


“It was a blessing to meet Brian during our stay in Vilcabamba, Ecuador in 2010. After the first hands-on treatment, the life force in my body started to manifest again. I felt like reborn. Then I have been repeating the treatment until I gain full confidence of the right position of the body. Brian’s work helped me to recover the body forces into its full capacity. I have felt fully flexible, able for any physical activity. Brian’s hands are magical as the conductors of the life-giving energy. I can recommend anyone to meet Brain, as a physical therapist and healer. From the initial hands-on treatment, you can explore the feeling of vitality, that you would like to repeat until you establish yourself on the path of well-being, health and vitality.”

~Ondrej Pastirik, Slovakia


“I have received several massages and treatments for various injuries from Brian. After each session I felt 100% better. I know for a fact Brian studies all the new techniques and combines them with his own proven methods. I would highly recommend using Brian for a relaxing massage or healing of any injury.”   ~Tony



“In December 2006 my life changed forever. I was in an accident with a disposal truck that caused my right hip to dislocate and push past my pelvic bone, fracturing it and also fracturing my right knee cap. It has been a long process and not so successful one in trying to get well and move without a big limp and without so much pain. My doctors tell me that I need a hip replacement and a knee replacement due to the accident and my other knee also must be replaced. The doctor wants me to wait until I am older before doing this surgery because if I do it too soon, I will have to have and other set done again in 10 years. They wanted me to take medication for the pain and hold out as long as I could. I have been on Vicoden since the accident to help deal with the pain and having to work a full time job that requires carrying up to 70 pounds. I have tried everything that I could to get well but nothing gave me the relief that I needed. Part of that was because my hip was never set right in the socket and I now have arthritis in the areas that fractured and within the hip itself.

About 3 weeks ago one of my customers suggested that I see Brian and told me how Brain helped him and his dog. So I gave Brian a call hoping that he could help me with a pain management program. I never expected so much in such a short amount of time. In weeks by using muscle therapy and what I call The Machine (I believe the proper term is MicroCurrent) my hip moved back into place. Before, every time I took a step I would have pain. The hip bone would grind on the hip socket because it was out of place. Now, since the bone has shifted I no longer feel that grinding in my joint. With this machine and Brains hands my very bad left knee (which was not caused by the accident) is at least 50 percent better!! I am amazed by what he has been able to do for me within a very short period of time. My limp has also improved. It is the best pain management program I could have ever hoped for. Thank you so much Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Mahalo, Shonie


“Dear Brian, I want to thank you for your treatment of my persistent Sacroiliac pain. Just so you know, after months of symptoms, you fixed it completely in one session! I am now completely asymptomatic, which is something short of a miracle. As a Chiropractor, rarely have I met a more experienced, intuitive, caring, and knowledgeable healer, such as yourself. Anyone who will entrust their well being in your hands, is a lucky patient on the road to recovery. Thank you again.” ​

Alex D.C.


“I have always heard that massage could do wonders for your body and pain. However, I was never 100% convinced it could fully heal me, or allow me the Pain relief I have recently achieved! Brian came heavily recommended to me so I decided to pay him a visit. Once I arrived we sat down and I was made fully aware of the wide range of body work and massage he practices. There was a multitude of different techniques we spoke about and eventually used to heal my body and my back pain in particular. I was starting to get so desperate and needed something that could manage or diminish my pain. In the past I had tried multiple other medical options and I was left in a lot of pain and feeling hopeless, so I decided to give him a shot. Brian made me feel very comfortable. He reassured me that if I followed the program hopefully I would be able to achieve the results I was eventually looking for, he told me it wouldn’t happen over night but we would get there! After my first appointment I could not believe the way I felt already, clearly I still had pain but I felt wonderfully refreshed, a lot less tense, and had LESS PAIN!! The techniques he used to loosen the muscles and remove the knots from my back were heavenly. I am amazed at how he works the knots out each appointment and at the results I feel after my sessions. Like I mentioned, I have been in pain for years, and to get relief even 25% or 50% is huge! What we have achieved I never thought possible. He has helped me live in a manner where my pain is now manageable and that truly is priceless! If you have pain issues you are struggling with, have sore or tight muscles, a major Injury you are trying to rehab, or you just want to maintain a healthy body I highly recommend brian and strongly believe you wont be Disappointed. Once your on the table you too will know you have made a life changing choice. Thanks again for the gift of living!”

– Nicholas James


“There are really no words to describe how in-tune your whole body, mind and soul feel when Brian works on you. His unique combination of skills, combined with his loving concern for each and every client, simply dissolves stress and tension. It is amazing, And so is he! “Thanks again Brian!”

– Heidi Mankin


“My leg would randomly “fall asleep” it started quite a few years ago and has consistently gotten worse over the years. Brian Whitehead massaged and stretched me and then taught me which stretches to do. He does not live near by so I have done the stretches on a regular basis and my leg feels much better and doesn’t “fall asleep” nearly as much.”

“I recently got another massage from Brian, my arms had been falling asleep at night to the point where some mornings when my alarm clock would go off I wouldn’t even be able to feel them to turn it off. I was also having some pain in my shoulder when I would lift my arm above shoulder height. Brian worked on my neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, and glutes, All of which were did ridiculously tight, however, I had no idea until he began to work on me. I felt amazing after the work, I could turn my neck further than I had been able to in a long time and I slept without any pain or my arms and hands falling asleep! Brian is extremely professional and makes you feel very comfortable while on the table. I highly recommend him for any bodywork, you don’t have to stay in pain.”

– Katrina Shultz


“Brian is a marvelous muscle mender! His deep massage techniques loosened up my hips and helped realign me. I​​ used to have chronic hip, knee and ankle problems. In a few sessions Brian was able to loosen my muscles so that there was no more tension and I could walk without pain. He showed me stretches to prevent me from having this type of tightness. I highly recommend Brian for any type of muscle issue!”​

– Alexa



“Brian is a truly gifted and wonderful body worker. He pinpoints areas of dis-ease with laser-like precision and knows how to help you through the initial discomfort. I always leave a session with him feeling easier, happier and brighter.”

– Kayla Jacobs

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