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I have worked on hundreds of infections, ranging from organ, ear and skin, to staph infections and many others.

I have not found any internal or topical therapy to be as effective as Energetic Medicine. I have a success rate of more than 95% in helping the body rid itself of infection.

Here are a couple of stories I would like to share:

I had just bought the QXCI system and was learning how to use it when my girlfriend developed a bladder/kidney infection. She had plans to attend a silent retreat in California and she was scheduled to fly out the next day. She went to see her doctor, who gave her something to take for the infection, and off she went.

I received a phone call from her the next day saying she was in tremendous pain, bleeding during urination and unable to get out of bed. She asked if I could help. I told her I would “subspace” her with the QXCI system and within 5 minutes I was upstairs in my office working on her.

The next day I received another phone call from her saying the pain had stopped within 2 hours after she had spoken to me. The blood in her urine had stopped that morning as well. I performed one more treatment the next day to be on the safe side and she experienced no problems after that.

I have a friend here in Vilcabamba who was stung by a stingray on her foot while she was on the coast. She sought out the local physicians and they prescribed antibiotics for the infection. Over a 5-7 day period her foot developed a staff infection. None of the antibiotics were working. The doctors said if the infection did not show signs of healing in the next day or two they would have to amputate the foot. She called me as soon as she left the hospital and told me what was going on and I told her to come over to my house right away.

When we unwrapped the foot, it was purple in color and it excluded an awful smell, strong enough that both my boys could not handle the smell and left the room. I used the MicroCurrent with Colloidal Silver on the foot up to the ankle for a little more than one hour. I applied one more spray before wrapping the foot and told her to come back the next day.

I saw her that evening again and as we unwrapped the foot the color was almost back to normal and the smell was about half as strong as the day before. We repeated this treatment for 5 days in total, approximately 1 1/4hrs each time and the infection was gone. Looking back, I wish I had taken photos but I did not.

However, I know of a college who did take pictures of a client suffering from gangrene. The doctors wanted to amputate the foot in this case as well. After 10 sessions the leg color changed from purple to almost normal. Please see below:


Gangrene Infection Before Treatment Gangrene Infection After Treatment
                         Gangrene Infection Prior To Treatment                                 Gangrene Infection After 10 Treatments

As you can see, dramatic healing results are possible where “conventional” medicine often fails. I highly recommend MicroCurrent Therapy with or without colloidal silver for healing infections.

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