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Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in |

“Don’t Try the Rest When You Can Have the BEST!!!!!!”

“After a Fractured elbow in two different places and being in a long bent arm cast for 8 weeks, it was no surprise that when the cast was removed the muscles in the elbow area were contracted by scar tissue and I had pain and muscle weakness. I was sent to a physical therapist for strengthening exercises: The problem was, how do you strengthen a muscle that is frozen in the wrong place? My elbow no matter how I worked it with the exercises I was given, would not straighten out. Two weeks of working my arm gave me no increase in the Range of Motion. After speaking with Brian he made it clear that due to the inactivity the scar tissue from the break needed to be worked on to release and stretch the muscles and “then” the arm would straighten out. He started that night with a deep tissue massage in the elbow and forearm area for approximately one hour. I was amazed that after just that one hour, I had FULL Range of motion !!!!!!! I could not believe how much better my arm felt. I am now a true believer that before any physical therapy and or strengthening after an injury, a Massage Therapist is imperative to work out the scar tissues. Makes so much sense that Range of Motion will never increase on a short, stiff muscle. I have had the privilege of using multiple Massage therapists but Brian Whitehead, is by far the most caring and most skilled I have ever used. My family and I miss his care since he has relocated and have not found any other of his caliber. Don’t try the rest when you can have the BEST!!!!!!

Thanks Brian!!!” 

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