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Posted by on Apr 8, 2017 in |

“I Was Not Only Beginning to be Pain Free But (I) Felt Like a New Person”

“Brian (Whitehead) was the first massage therapist I had ever been to. I was in a lot of pain from my neck to my lower back, with constant headaches and limited mobility.

I was amazed that after the first month of massage therapy, I was not only beginning to be pain free, but felt like a new person. More importantly, Brian had educated me on not only how the body works, but what I was doing to my body in my daily routines that was causing my discomfort, plus he explained fully what he was doing to release this discomfort. I was able to then apply this knowledge to my daily life, and now with on-going (but not as frequent) massages, I am able to function comfortably in my life.

Brian has detailed knowledge of the human skeletal and muscular system, and that knowledge combined with an unbelievable sense of identifying the problem and then relieving the problem, makes the massage therapy experience with Brian Whitehead, a must for anyone seeking treatment.

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