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Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in |

“I Got Over a Hamstring Issue Last Fall in Just Three Days with Rest”

“Hello Brian:

Hope this finds you well and enjoying your new environment. Holly gave me your email address so I could update you on things over here. It is hard to believe that I have owned the microcurrent machine for two years. It has been very beneficial during this time. It has allowed me to get over a few running injuries that could have been in longer duration. I had an SI Joint issue in the the spring of 2008, that from digging in my parents’ garden. The running made it worse. I did take 4 weeks off but with ice, daily MicroCurrent and lots of stretching, and I got over it. I read on some running threads that an SI Joint injury sidelined some runners for a year or two. Last spring it was the sacrum. It is about 85% better now, but doesn’t require daily microcurrent. I got over a hamstring issue last fall in just three days with rest, MicroCurrent and massage.

The machine is holding up well. I hope to have many more years of use with it.” 

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