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QXCI/SCIO – Quantum Xeroid Consciousness Interface

I am not selling or teaching the QXCI/SCIO Biofeedback system because I am not a “certified” distributor or trainer. However, I wish to devote this page to explaining a little bit about this amazing technology because of the positive results it has produced in over 400 of my clients over the past 10 years.

Using the QXCI/SCIO Biofeedback System my success rate with clients is approximately 85%. It has helped to resolve problems like Cancer, Parkinson’s, infections, fungus, mold, bacteria, and viruses… just to name a few. The QXCI/SCIO was the first of many Energetic Devices I have employed in my practice.


QXCI-SCIO BioFeedback System

One Experience With The QXCI/SCIO

When I was living in Michigan, a friend of mine who was living in Thailand at the time, called me up. She explained that she had a problem and nothing seemed to be working. She had never been “hooked up” to the QXCI directly. In our telephone conversation she said she understood that the device works on people when they are “hooked up” but she really didn’t understand how it would reach her all the way over in Thailand. She was doubtful the treatment would work but she was desperate enough to ask about it. I encouraged her to try it and I told her if she did not get results, there would be no cost for the session. She agreed enthusiastically to this and we went ahead with the remote treatment.

The next day I telephoned her in Thailand to follow up and I asked her how she was feeling. Her response was, “Where do I send the check?”

Information On The QXCI/SCIO System

The following paragraphs contain a description and technical information on the QXCI/SCIO BioFeedback System, excerpted from various information resources.

QXCI = Quantum Xeroid Consciousness Interface or “Quantum Med System”
SCIO = Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System

The QXCI/SCIO is marketed as a complete diagnostic and treatment system. After assessment of “electrical parameters” the QXCI/SCIO then transmits therapy signals via a harness to the body. The QXCI/SCIO sends low levels of current into the patient and then in a method theoretically similar to radar, reads the bounced signals and transfers them to a database. The QXCI/SCIO database consists of several thousand diagnostic categories from various medical disciplines and other mystical data, including traditional medical, homeopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture, astrology and prayer wells, all of which can be transmitted by the QXCI/SCIO for therapeutic benefit.

The QXCI/SCIO System is a computer operated energetic medicine interface that is so sophisticated most of its functions are automatic. The autofocus system is self correcting and self adjusting. The system can make corrections at speeds of one hundredth of a second.

There are over two hundred and fifty separate functions, some having over three hundred variable choices. All together there are millions of variable therapy and diagnostic choices.


QXCI-SCIO BioFeedback Display

The trivector system measures the voltage, amperage, resistance, frequencies, etc. to calculate the inductance, capacitance, resonance and conductance of the reactive system of the body over time. Thus we can calculate and model the mind-body connection from these multi-dimensional factors. The quantic nature of the biological system allows for the interface of the digital computer.

By adapting the work of Becker, Priori, Beardall and others, Professor Bill Nelson has developed a computerized system that can develop a tiny DC potential multi-signal to time reverse cells, using techniques such as differentiation and redifferentiation into a massive set of multi signal fractals. The non-linear analysis can then develop multi-signals for deep tissue interface. This can be used to stimulate immune function, destroy pathogens, detoxify free radicals and others. The QXCI/SCIO is an energetic medical device that can be used for anti-aging, disease reversal, cancer therapy, rejuvenation and a host of other auto-focusing therapies.

The scientific theories behind this device are contained in the 1250 pages of the PROMORPHEUS, written in 1982. The QXCI device has had over 300 research articles written on it, many published in peer reviewed medical journals. The QXCI device has been taught in medical schools since 1995, therefore the history behind this exciting technology is substantial and no longer merely experimental.

We need to build responsibility in the patient for his/her own present, past and future behaviour. Behavioural medicine must be involved in basic medicine. Acupuncture must be involved in basic medicine. Nerve energy flow must be involved in basic medicine. Nutrition must be involved in basic medicine. HOMOTOXICOLOGY must be involved in basic medicine. Awareness and biofeedback must be involved in basic medicine.

True medicine should be holistic medicine. Medicine is based in responsibility. Separation from a cause of disease is the responsibility of the diseased patient. If there is a cause of disease in your environment you can choose to change or reduce the cause, move to a new environment, or accept the conditions. Responsibility for healing is with the patient.

Many of the causes of disease that afflict us are beneath our conscious awareness. Our unconscious is much more aware of the disease causing factors that come at us. Our unconscious reacts with subtle energetic changes in electrical bodies. The QXCI/SCIO device is the first energetic medicine device to test reactions where the patient and doctor both do not know what is being tested. Thus the unconscious of the patient causes the reactions. The reactions are not picked up by the computer, and not picked up by the unconscious of the doctor as with point probes or kinesiology. Rather, the results are picked up by the unconscious of the patient. So in the QXCI we have a device that can make us aware of the unconscious of the patient. Some patients are more aware of their unconscious. These patients are likely to feel the QXCI/SCIO device and recognize the reaction patterns more easily. Others will take more time, but after several sessions they will become more aware of their unconscious and feel the effects more.

Experience A Remote “Subspace” Biofeedback Therapy Session

As mentioned earlier, the QXCI/SCIO Biofeedback System is amazingly effective even when applied across great distances. A general search of the internet using keywords such as “remote energy healing” will reveal a great deal of information about this exciting healing modality, which is rapidly growing in popularity. As with so many alternative healing modalities, the “mainstream” medical profession does not officially support remote healing therapies and will often attempt to discredit them. However, the evidence suggests that we need to embrace energy healing modalities applied in person and remotely because in many cases these types of therapies will succeed where more conventional therapies have failed. After all, human beings are electrical, energetic beings… doesn’t it make sense that we would respond very favorably to therapies based on these very properties?

If you are interested in arranging a remote QXCI/SCIO Biofeedback session with Rev. Brian, please contact him directly for more information via this page.


This device is designed for use as Biofeedback and TENS. The definition of Biofeedback is ‘measuring a physiological response and feeding it back to the patient’. TENS is Transcutaneous (on the skin) Electro Nerval Stimulation. This system measures evoked potential reactions of the patient to applied stimulations. This is evoked potential Biofeedback. This device catalogs and tabulates the complex evoked potential Electro Physiological Reactions of your patient. This is the EPR pattern. The accuracy of the EPR pattern is limited and as such the results cannot be treated as completely diagnostic. This device is not diagnostic, the readings are meant as prediagnostic. The doctor or practitioner should then use this data wisely and challenge the results with more standard medical measures, some of which are found in the disease dictionary. This device is safe and is of no risk to your patient. The potential benefits are quite amazing.

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