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Posted by on Mar 3, 2017 in Bodywork Training | 0 comments

Broken Bones

From the first year of being in practice I have been seeing people with broken bones. My first was a young lady, about 22 years of age, who was a manager of a restaurant and also waited tables at times. She had broken her middle toe due to falling off a curb. Because of the pain of the break of the bone and trauma of the tendon and muscles, she could not work.

She had asked me if I could help with this, and even though I had never worked on any broken bones previously, I felt that I could help her. So I started working the area surrounding the break and felt that I needed to work the tendon. After working the tendon, I continued to work all the way up to the knee and I found that it was tender. I used some special ointments and prayed for healing. To my surprise (and hers), the next day she felt so much better that she found herself at work that day. She was still experiencing some discomfort but she was able to cope and work an 8 hour day. She came back to see me after work that day and we worked on it 8 more times over a 20 day period. At that point she felt completely healed of the break.

My own story with a broken “pinkie” toe is a little different. I was sub-leasing a house for 3 months on Maui and the owner had stored a BB rifle, hanging in the closet. When I went to move the rifle, it fell out of the zip case and on top of my little toe.

I was scheduled to play in a softball game three days later and I really wanted to play in the game so I used MicroCurrent on the toe for 35-45 minutes, three times per day, for a total of 9 times and worked around the injured toe using massage. Keep in mind that I still worked at my profession for 6-8 hrs per day.

On the third night I was running full speed with very little to no pain. When I got home and checked my toe for any inflammation, I saw none.

I played in a basketball game two days after that. I felt some discomfort and saw some inflammation that night, so I applied MicroCurrent to my toe and the next morning the inflammation was greatly reduced. I applied MicroCurrent to the toe another 5 times (about 45 minutes each session) and I was able to play basketball 5 days later with no problems.

To summarize, in 15 treatments over 10 days I healed my broken toe with this protocol. I thought it was pretty amazing to get results so fast and still be very active on a broken toe.

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