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Posted by on Mar 3, 2017 in Bodywork Training | 0 comments

Advanced Injury Recovery Bodywork

Advanced Injury Recovery Bodywork

Massage therapy isn’t just for relaxation… the positive effects and benefits reach way beyond relaxation. “Advanced Injury Recovery Bodywork” brings a whole new level of massage and bodywork to the table. This technique possesses the potential to:

  • Heal injuries
  • Reduce or eliminate pain and inflammation
  • Break down scar tissue and calcium build-up
  • Help people avoid surgeries of all types
  • Recover from broken bones

This is achieved by using a variety of massage techniques and MicroCurrent therapy. One might say that Advanced Injury Recovery Bodywork produces results beyond basic massage, physical therapy, and Chiropractic methods.

In Advanced Injury Recovery Bodywork we address and correct the problems that the client is experiencing by targeting the root causes, and thus relieving the pain and discomfort. We use techniques like soft tissue manipulation, lymph drainage, hot and cold packs, and massage while in a stretch. We also perform fascial and neuromuscular work and much more, using techniques shown to me by the Dr. Haller, and “Source”. With Advanced Injury Recovery Bodywork we also address the soft tissues, Lymph system, inflammation, Cranial-Sacral issues, broken bones, sprains and strains. To see the full list please visit The Art of Healing Course.

After an injury has occurred the person usually avoids using the injured muscles until the injury feels better or has no pain at all. This can cause the muscle to lose range of motion and remain tight. In some cases where the injured area is put into a cast, the muscle, ligaments and tendons are unable to move at all. During this 2-12 week period the muscle can freeze up in that position. With no use or movement of the traumatized area over such an extended period, these muscle groups can become very stiff and even freeze up at times. Advanced Injury Recovery Bodywork is used to rehabilitate the muscles, ligaments or tendons, thus helping to recreate a full range of motion, and in some cases even more than before. This therapy also helps prevent further injuries from occurring. Each session lasts from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

Advanced Injury Recovery Bodywork is specifically designed for those individuals who would like to improve their physical fitness in athletics (speed and endurance) and while keeping themselves injury free. It also helps people who are in need of relief from acute or chronic pain, people suffering from injuries or trying to avoid injuries, and also patients recovering from surgery and in need of rehabilitation. The Advanced Injury Recovery Body Worker will have learned the skills to provide a deep tissue massage designed to provide what is needed to help with most body mechanisms.

Home exercises (which I call “homework”) will further enhance the recovery process for a rapid return to good health and it will help you stay that way.

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