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Therapeutic Bodywork Sessions

Range of Movement

Head / neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, fingers, wrist, arms, hips, knees and feet.

Joint, Chronic and Acute Pain

Arthritis, bursistis stiffness, lyme’s injuries, T.M.J., headaches, hands legs feet, hips and knees.

Avoid Surgeries

Back, knee, wrist, jaw, shoulder hip, rotator cuff, disks.


Sports, auto-accidents, falls, wound healing, repetitive strains and pains, strokes, chronic fatigue, orthopedic, curled fingers/ toes, carpal tunnel.


Stimulates the mitochondria inside the cells, raising the A.T.P. over 500%, regrowing new and healthy cells at a rapid pace and stimulating the immune system. The Micro-Current unit also has the Rife Technology and Color Therapy built in. It assissts the cells in healing more rapidly with DNA Synthesis. T-Cell Stimulation, Insulin Binding, Membrane Transport up 30-40% and Protein Synthesis up 73%, plus Calcium Channel Opening, Anti-aging and non-surgical face-lifts are also offered as well as the conditions listed under “Bodywork” treatments.

Microcurrent and QXCI Therapies

Are especially effective for treating infections, disease, headaches, viruses and so much more. If the condition is not listed here, please contact us because it is likely that we can help.

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